Set of 4 Locking T-Nuts M8

Set of 4 Locking T-Nuts M8

Stop loosing your nuts with the Locking T-Nuts. Order a set of four and give your board the re-vamp it needs. These locking T-Nuts are for all foil boards.


How it works: 

- Open your newly purchased pack of four locking T-Nuts. 

- Place them in the tracks of your boards

- Mount the foil mast like you would normally, lining up the t-nuts with the bolts how you normally would. 

- Carefully remove bolts and mast. Try not to nudge the t-nuts! 

- Here is where the magic happens. Carefully do the grub screws up one by one. 

- DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! They only need to be done up enough to pinch the t-nut in place. 

- Repeat on all T-nuts! You are all done, now you will not loose these pesky little nuts any more. And even better they will always be in the perfect place!!!

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